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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐David Wison, Marketing Agency Owner


The percent of clients that have been with Funded Finder 6 months or longer. Why? Because our leads produce a 10-30x ROI.

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We make finding your next clients easy. Contact startups that are looking to outsource, looking to partner, and have the cash on hand to make it happen.


SEO, web design, app development, B2B sales, branding, law firms, etc.—all use our report to increase clients and sales.


Growth marketing consultants and firms utilize the report to work with up-and-coming startups and companies.


Our startup clients use the report to find recently funded companies for partnerships and sales.


VC funds, individual investors, crypto investors, and private equity firms use our report to identify possible opportunities.

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As the Head of Sales, I am always looking for new ways to help our company grow. One way that I have found to be very helpful is by subscribing to FF’s weekly list of recently funded startups. By keeping track of recently funded start-ups, sales professionals can identify companies that are on the cusp of growth and expansion, and they can position themselves to offer their products or services at the right time.
Anish Patel
Head of Sales-SaaS


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Frequently asked questions:

Our team spends a significant amount of time composing all the available data through multiple sources. 

Next we analyze and validate all the detailed information into a comprehensive report before we forward to our clients.

Each week our team spends hundreds of hours compiling the report using publicly available databases, verification tools, news sources, blogs, and social media.

We then research each startup on the list to add over 16+ data points and fields. The report is then scrubbed, finalized, and sent to our clients.

FF helps businesses to save time, money, and resources by providing them with targeted and high-quality leads that are more likely to convert into customers.

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In short: Almost all B2B company/ industry transactions. 

Advertising, Agencies, Banking, Consultants, Sales, Real Estate, Legal, Marketing, HR, Technology, Software, E-Commerce, Investors, Finance/ Tax, Insurance, Healthcare professionals and more.

Each weekly report features 250+ high growth startups that have secured recent funding.

We have company info: description, industry, location, company size, contact info: name, email, social media profiles: LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., funding details: last funding round, recent funding amount, total funding raised.

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In addition to email, reach your leads on LinkedIn. Import to your LinkedIn tool of choice and start connecting.

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Personalized emails cause reply rates to increase by 112%. Use ours and craft emails that get opened and replied to!

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Tailor your lists based on job title. Have a product that benefits HR departments? Get a list of only HR leaders to reach out to.

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When you buy cheap lists you get cheap data. We manually verify our data ensuring you get quality contacts each and every time.

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